Shooting authorizations

Specific authorization is required for each filming location. 

Requests for filming permits on the coast

Turning on a track requires multiple permissions:

1/ The beaches are part of the maritime public domain. Therefore, you must contact the geographically competent Town Hall.

2/ Authorization should also be requested from the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea – Maritime and Coastal Service (DDTM) who will issue the filming authorization.

To identify the owners of the places on which you are going to film, you can go to the site Geoportal. 

Conservatoire du Littoral

Protected plots (acquired land)

Perimeters of intervention (areas to preserve)

View on GEO portal

The public domain occupancy fee was developed based on three variables:

  • The nature of the activity
  • Clutter or intensity of activity
  • The level of mutual interest

​Find the Conservatoire du Littoral fee schedule
Conservatory of the coast: Filming authorization request form
Application processing time: 3 months

Special cases - The Dune of Pilat

Attention, the Dune du Pilat only accepts documentary filming having as its object the dune as a heritage site. For any clarification, you can contact the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat.

National Forestry Office

The Office National des Forêts' mission is to ensure the vitality of forest areas and their renewal as well as their protection. The first step to take is to identify its owner using the ONF website.. To identify your filming location:

To identify the territory on Geoportal, you must select the map ONF Public Forests.

ONF presentation in Gironde
NFB application form
Application processing time: 2 months

Application for filming permits in the city of Bordeaux

For any type of filming taking place on the public domain of the city of Bordeaux, a request should be made directly to the Bordeaux City Hall via:

Shooting permits in the town of Lège Cap Ferret

The city of lightship Cap Ferret authorizes filming with restrictions depending on the exact locations and the filming period. Filming is not authorized on the tip of the peninsula from the beach of the horizon, the salt meadows of 'Ares-Lège, and all the natural areas such as the dunes (subject to authorization from the ONF), the Mimbeau (preserved area). Filming is prohibited in July and August and is subject to restrictions in June.

All requests should be sent to:
Culture & events department
Event coordination and development officer – Filming supervision / Ticketing manager
05 56 03 84 09

Authorizations for filming with a drone