At Gironde Tournages, we have at heart to participate in the cinematographic education of the youngest. For this, we cannot recommend the Comett digital platform enough.

This digital platform for artistic education in cinema is supported by the Lot et Garonne filming reception office in partnership with the education league.

It is intended for teachers who wish to develop an educational project around the cinema and work on the question of the image with their pupils, but also for cinema mediators or cinema exhibitors. Comett is a real medium on which teachers can rely, providing real study documents:

filming photos, script, filming bible, work plans, critical film analyses, a map of filming locations, a film viewing platform, a list of speakers

access to Comett

Free upon registration


Each month, a new film from the catalog is freely available. You can now find Girondin films on the platform.

Between the lines by Frédéric Farucci (Local films) - Fiction

Shooting in Bordeaux Métropole in 2017

End of summer. Young miners left to their own devices roam the city and rob passers-by in an almost mechanical, well-honed, sadly accustomed way. Among them, Stefan between two wallets, on an advertising poster from the police station or on a piece of newspaper, is trying to learn to read French.

The shadok beach by Pierre Andrieux and Fabrice Marache (The Documentary Workshop) - documentary

Shooting in Lège Cap Ferret in 2016

"La plage des Shadoks" is a documentary fable which takes up the absurd tone of the sixties cartoon "Les Shadoks" to tell the story of the evolution of Cap Ferret, a fatally unstable sandbank, which suddenly became the holiday resort of very wealthy people. . Ocean erosion, waste treatment, oil extraction and real estate speculation are on the menu of vacations that may turn out to be a little salty...

On time by Lauriane Escaffre and Yvonnick Muller (Qui vive productions) - Fiction

Filmed in Cenon and Cadaujac in 2018. Shared with Normandy.* César for best fiction short film in 2020*

In three days, Élodie passes the hair removal test for her beautician's CAP. Her father, Christophe, a butcher, would like her to help him more in the butchery.