I am a community

You are a community and you want to host a shoot?

Hosting a shoot is the opportunity to make known its territory and its riches to the press, the media, but also future visitors. It is the possibility of generating economic benefits for the Girondin film sector, but not only. Hosting a film shoot means welcoming a team, actors, technicians, who will need accommodation, catering… enough to promote local activity.

Before hosting a shoot

Before hosting a shoot, it is necessary to assess the impact on the site, it is therefore necessary to inspect the characteristics of the set.
For the interiors, the characteristics useful for production are as follows:

  • the level of heritage conservation relating to the decor
  • the size of the room chosen for the decor (is a setback possible or not? the area, the height under the ceiling, is a light installation possible?)
  • accessibility: Think about parking areas (trucks, technical reserves), dressing rooms (actors wearing make-up and costume) close to the filming location.
  • access to electrical power is also a strong asset that will prevent production from renting a generator, which pollutes noise and air
  • access to a water supply is also recommended because depending on its power, the water can be used to produce rain effects at a lower and ecological cost
  • Establishing a map of flows and fairground connections in your municipality saves time
  • Catering is an important point to think about when hosting a shoot. It is necessary to design a location or space that will accommodate the canteen near the set. In addition to the provision, the community can also think about external service providers for catering in collaboration with the Gironde filming reception office which references canteens.

Gironde Tournages supports you in this process.

As a community, the establishment of a procedure is necessary to ensure the smooth running of a shoot. Indeed, you must carry out a simple and complete reception procedure, for this the Filming Reception Office accompanies you.


Filming authorization request form for local authorities


How to bring a shoot? 

Regarding the location of a filming location, two scenarios can exist:

  • The proposals of the Gironde filming reception office are evaluated, rejected or retained by the production company and the latter then contacts the municipality.
  • Production makes direct contact with the municipality

The importance of hosting a shoot

For human needs, it is recommended that the production call on the inhabitants of the town for the extras, so the production can develop a cast about two or three weeks before the start of filming. This casting can take place in a room, set up by the municipality. Thus, a casting search broadcast can be relayed on the networks of the Gironde filming reception office, in the local press, with the agreement of the casting and production director.

Latest tips

It is also required to make an inventory at the entrance and exit of filming for which the municipal team will be responsible with the presence of a production representative.

Furthermore, the executive producer must take out an insurance policy to protect the film and its co-producers from certain unforeseen events, whether during the preparation phase, filming or post-production.